WTF! The best f'ing treatment for your black tank!

Using Waste Tank Formula will make you awesome! It also helps you avoid those WTF black tank moments!  

WTF, About Us...

After several years of full-time RV travel it became apparent we needed to change some things up with our black tank treatment. We're always on the lookout for natural products that are chemical free and beneficial for our RV's gut biome. It is our goal to create the healthiest RV possible, and we all know that starts with regular and complete elimination. So, we created a product that is fun and practical . . . WTF! If you cannot have fun along the way, what is the point! And there isn't a whole lot that isn't funny about poo. 

Feed your RV the Healthy Probiotics it needs

Poor RV tank health can lead to leaky tank syndrome.

Use the highest quality gut bugs to prevent foul smells

My RV has never been happier. We started using WTF when our camper seemed bloated and carrying excess black tank weight. According to the Medical RV Board of America, an average RV can carry as much as 300 lbs. of excess black tank weight! Complete elimination is so important! 

Steve Fifth

We were having so many problems with our blank tank. It seemed to always have blockages and it was so traumatic when we had to put a stick in the elimination pipe. For us and our rig. Since we started using WTF, we are no longer having these traumatic experiences and we are able to enjoy our travels. 

Paul Trailer

I was just looking for a solid product that was stimulant free. I wanted my camper to have easy and regular elimination. It so frustrating when you don't have the access you need to sewer facilities and can be rough on the RV's system when the black tank has to be vacuumed out. WTF has given us the peace of mind we need. 

Marie Classa

How many probiotics are in the product? 

9 Billion, that's right with a B.

How does WTF work? 

Probiotics feed on waste matter and produce enzymes that contribute to waste breakdown.

What temperature does WTF work?

 Optimal working temps are 85-100 degrees (inside the tank), however the probiotics are stable from 40-130 degrees fahrenheit.

Get Waste Tank Formula Now! WTF are you waiting for?  


Should I use peanut butter so my RV will swallow the tablet?

This isn't necessary, as many RV toilets are happy to gobble up whatever you toss their way. Just drop in, top up with water, and flush away!

How often should I treat my RV Black Tank

We recommend treating your black tank after each dump. Every time you dump the RV's black tank, not every time you take a dump 😉

What form does the product COME IN?

We've gone above and beyond to make treating your RV's black tank as easy as possible. The product comes in easy-to-use tablets.

How many treatments come in each order?

Each bottle of WTF comes with 50 drop-in tablets.