How does Waste Tank Formula work?


Waste Tank Formula

Waste Tank Formula is an advanced probiotic blend that is specifically designed to keep your RV’s black tank in tip top shape. Our biologic formula contains over 9 billion CFUs (colony forming units) that go to work digesting mass in your black tank.

How quickly does WTF work?

Our tablets are easy to drop-in. Just toss one in the toilet, fill with water, and flush away. Once WTF is in your black tank it will begin to dissolve and start the replication process.

Within 8-24 hours WTF will duplicate itself every hour!

Hour 1 = 9 billion

Hour 24 = 18 billion

Hour 25 = 36 billion

Hour 26 = 72 billion

Hour 27 = 144 billion

You get the point!

As your rv tank’s biome begins kicking into high gear, these probiotics begin to digest the waste and material in your black tank. As the probiotics eat, they product enzymes that aid in the liquification of tank waste. Your rv tank is getting a double whammy of having the waste digested and broken down . . . boom!

What is tank biome?

Your RV’s holding tanks contain mainly water and then whatever crap is in there.

WTF’s main focus is to introduce a crap-ton more beneficial flora into your tank to speed up the process of digestion and liquification of tank waste.

This beneficial flora will digest waste and produce enzymes, both of which reduce tank odors, prevents clogs, and maintain clean sensors.

WTF are you waiting for?

Best Practices for WTF

  • Use one WTF tab after you dump your black tank.
  • Fill toilet bowl completely with water when you drop in WTF.
  • Water is your friend . . . use it!
  • Dissolve a WTF tab in warm water and treat your grey tank by pouring down the sink and/or shower drain.

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Waste Tank Formula

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