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Hopefully we've had the pleasure of meeting you on the road or at one of the many RV events we attend. Our goal is to always build the relationship over the sale. We truly believe in the brands we represent and are happy to be able to share Waste Tank Formula with you and your travels.

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

~ Steven & Connie Brown

We had tried other tank treatments in our RV that never worked. At best, the used scents to mask tank odor, but they didn't do much else. WTF breaks down the waste and eliminates odor. It made flushing and cleaning the tank easier. Don't waste your money on other products and go with WTF.

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The WTF Difference

I have always hated other tank additives I tried that just added a new "scent" to cover up the existing stink. I just wanted to smell nothing... and this seems to do just that. Gone is the artificial scent, and there is no more black tank odor in the bathroom or RV.


These drop-in toilet tablets are the easiest tank treatment we’ve ever used.


The tablets are small and easy to both store and dispense. No spills, no messy powder, no stink.  


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